Yes, Outsourcing Your Customer Support Can Make You More Efficient: Here’s How

Yes, Outsourcing Your Customer Support Can Make You More Efficient: Here’s How

Yes, Outsourcing Your Customer Support Can Make You More Efficient: Here’s How 624 416 Business Processes Redefined LLC

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Leveraging opportunities to improve a company’s operations is critical always, but especially so in times of crisis. As business owners consider their options, they must pursue opportunities that positively impact their bottom lines without sacrificing their clients’ best interests.

One business- first strategy that owners should consider is outsourcing their customer service needs. Traditionally, outsourcing meant offshoring support to a cheap-labor call centers overseas. Companies once believed that such offshoring was the best, cost-effective option available to them. Now, that opinion is changing. Offshore call centers de-personalize and cheapen customer service. When customer service suffers, so does a company’s profitability.

But outsourcing customer support no longer requires offshoring customer support. Lauren Irwin-Szostak, President of Business Processes Redefined, LLC (“BPR”), has always urged companies to use U.S.-based call centers in lieu of foreign counterparts. Irwin-Szostak shared her opinion about overseas call centers in a recent article, stating, “Their phone operators are often difficult to comprehend and/or inadequately informed, and occasionally arrogant and/or less than honest. Such shortcomings hurt U.S. companies that outsource their call center needs overseas by turning off their customers. The opportunity loss simply doesn’t make sense, even with the short-term savings.”

Companies that instead outsource their customer service needs to U.S.-based call centers will realign their budgets to maximize growth opportunities and refocus their energies on their core business competencies. Eliminating customer service responsibilities from an in-house team will free up bandwidth, eliminate capacity problems, and cut costs.

Qualified employees bring perspectives and skills that benefit their company’s development and longevity.  Businesses should not waste their talents on answering customer inquiries and resolving customer concerns. U.S.-based call centers offer highly trained professionals who are uniquely qualified to handle customer service needs, thereby increasing productivity while freeing their clients’ employees to grow the business.

BPR partners only with best-in-class, U.S.-based call centers providing the highest level of customer service. BPR removes impediments caused by customer complaints and offsetting lost revenue, managing its network of call centers so that its clients don’t have the pressure of monitoring such operations themselves.

At the same time, outsourcing your customer support functions won’t relinquish your control over customer service standards. Instead, outsourcing support operations improves performance and results without sacrificing influence and oversight.  BPR ensures that business owners are cognizant of all aspects of their customer support services.  All calls are recorded, and clients receive all recordings, as well as regular progress reports.

Minimize costs and maximize growth by outsourcing your customer support needs to U.S.-based call centers. Learn more about BPR’s call center solutions here, or contact us today.

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