About Us

Our Mission

A recognized leader in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, BPR believes in consistently contributing value to its relationships with its corporate clientele. We provide our clients complete transparency into key performance metrics while protecting their brands and maintaining good customer relationships.

Industry Experience

BPR has been in the ARM industry for over a decade, and our leadership team has nearly 100 years of collective industry experience. Through our network of receivables management agencies, we work with companies of all sizes in a diverse range of industries, providing maximum value immediately and efficiently.

Expert Business Affiliations

Since its formation in 2007, BPR has been certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WOBE) by both the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the New Jersey Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. We are also registered with the System for Award Management and the Small Business Administration, accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We are a member of ACA International and RMA International.


Tax Breaks

Companies that use a certified WOBE are eligible for tax incentives from the federal government and certain state governments.

Increased Profitability

A 2017 study by the Hackett Group established that companies that employ a certified WOBE experience greater profitability, including lower overall operating costs. According to that study, “the potential upside is significant” and attributable to introducing new ideas from a diverse perspective.

Demonstrated Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Companies typically want their partners to reflect their values and those of their customers. Many customers want to give their business to companies that share a prioritized focus on diversity and social responsibility.

Increased Satisfaction

According to The Hackett Group, diverse businesses (both minority-owned and woman-owned) either meet or exceed performance expectations 99% of the time because they tend to be smaller and thus more flexible and more responsive to their clients’ needs.

Lauren Irwin-Szostak

President & CEO

Lauren Irwin-Szostak founded BPR in 2007 and has served as its President and CEO ever since. She is a highly experienced professional with over 30 years in the ARM industry.

A true entrepreneur, Lauren launched numerous companies before BPR, including Strategic Advantage Associates Inc. (SAA), a holding company in the receivables management industry, and NCB Inc. (NCB), a full-service collection agency. SAA eventually acquired U.S. Financial Recoveries Inc. (USFR) and subsequently merged NCB into USFR.

Prior to forming her own companies, Lauren served as the central legal manager for Capital Credit Corporation, for which she managed collection litigation for all branch offices nationwide. She also served as a senior business operations consultant for Integrated Health Services, Inc. in Hunt Valley, Maryland, and a call center supervisor for The May Company in New York City.

Lauren has paved an extensive career path, spanning a variety of professional services. Whatever challenges she takes on, her approach to business is built on a strong work ethic and mutual respect between her and her colleagues. Her motto is BPR’s creed—“It’s all about the result”—from high-level company values like fair employment to day-to-day interactions between employees. This mindset has driven individual and collective success at each step of her career and delivered success for her clients.

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