Our Mission

A recognized leader in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, BPR believes in consistently contributing value to its relationships with its corporate clientele. We provide our clients complete transparency into key performance metrics while protecting their brands and maintaining good customer relationships.


BPR’s network of best in class agencies provides its clients with several benefits, including the following:

Higher Gross Revenues

By using professional partners and sophisticated analytics, we enable our clients to recover significantly higher percentages of their delinquent receivables than they did when managing the process internally.

Freedom to Focus
on Core Competencies

Because we manage their receivables from start to finish, our clients can re-deploy or reduce their internal staff and focus on their core business activities.

Special Programs for PR-Sensitive Clients

For clients susceptible to public relations concerns, we offer early-cycle, first-party programs under which we contact current or past-due customers in the client’s name and allow them to cure their accounts. Our agencies employ sophistication and sensitivity to maximize recoveries while minimizing negative backlash from valued customers.

Increased Bottom Line

Higher revenues and lower costs translate into greater profits for your organization.

Expert Business Leadership and Affiliations

Since its formation in 2007, BPR has been certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WOBE) by both the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the New Jersey Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. We are also registered with the System for Award Management and the Small Business Administration, accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We are a member of ACA International and RMA International.

Accounts Receivable Management

Offering Maximum Seating Capacity

Business Model

BPR begins its client relationships by analyzing its clients’ portfolios and segmenting their receivables into groups based on age, balance, business viability, and other criteria. We then assign each group of receivables to agencies within our network with expertise in your specific industry. Our agencies specialize in different areas and match their specialties with our clients’ portfolios. Such initial targeted collection efforts expedite and maximize recoveries. Any remaining accounts are placed with second-tier agencies.


BPR’s agency partners are best in class. Our receivable management agencies maximize our clients’ recoveries on their past-due receivables. Our call centers add value to our clients’ inbound and outbound customer support services through exceptional performance.

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