Receivables Management Services


BPR began with a revolutionary concept: to create and utilize a network of premier collection agencies to service its clients’ commercial and consumer debt collection needs. We are not a collection agency—we are a receivables management firm offering a turnkey solution to our clients’ delinquent accounts through agencies offering varying skillsets in different industries. By matching our agencies to your portfolios, we will maximize your recoveries while protecting your reputation by acting with the utmost discretion and public relations sensitivity.


BPR provides comprehensive solutions to all commercial and consumer accounts receivable management needs for companies of all sizes. Our network of best-in-class agencies enables us to provide industry-specific experience and expertise to your commercial, business-to-business receivables, and consumer debts. We monitor and manage the recovery process from start to finish to maximize returns on your past due receivables, freeing you to focus on your businesses. Additionally, our call centers can handle your inbound and outbound customer support and other communications needs, reducing costs, streamlining your workflow, and promoting your business continuity. Instructed in our clients’ industries and governing laws, our communication specialists will accurately represent your brand with specialized industry knowledge.


Regulations in the ARM industry are complex and constantly changing. BPR assumes those compliance headaches for its clients and ensures observance of the myriad of federal and state laws and regulations governing that industry. We protect our clients’ customer-facing activities by ensuring that our network partners’ professionals are instructed and tested on current compliance information and standards. We also work with counsel to ensure ongoing compliance, maintain longtime memberships and accreditations with several organizations, and keep our clients apprised of legal developments directly affecting their industries.

Sophisticated Analytics

BPR’s expert staff evaluates all portfolios upfront by applying sophisticated analytics and financial models. Those tools enable us to place our clients’ portfolios with the agencies in our network that best match their needs. Throughout our client relationships, we continue to deploy analytics and models to ensure that we service our clients in the manners optimally suited to maximize recoveries and minimize costs. Effective receivables management requires constant attention to each client’s unique needs, and our analytics and models have enabled us to develop the expertise necessary to provide that level of service.

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