IS ECONOMIC PATRIOTISM DEAD? 511 338 Business Processes Redefined LLC

I have written extensively about the urgent need for American companies to stop offshoring operations and jobs, and to start repatriating overseas functions, in order to reduce the massive U.S. unemployment triggered by the pandemic.  I have also formed an organization designed to promote legislation to return offshored jobs to America called RESTORE, an acronym for Repatriate Employment, Stop the Offshoring, and Reignite our Economy.

So, I am especially frustrated when I read that U.S. businesses are continuing to offshore operations and jobs to faraway lands.  Just yesterday, I read that Boeing is outsourcing 600 American IT jobs – about 10% of its IT employees – to Dell, which regularly imports foreign visa workers to fill such positions.  At the same time, Boeing is expanding its production capacity in India, where it already has over 3,000 employees and another 7,000 people work with its supply chain partners.[1]

But what really infuriates me are solicitations from offshoring recruiters enticing my business to hire them to retain remote workers in order to qualify for U.S. government funding.  Two days ago, I received an email carrying the subject line, “There Is Lots Of Government Money Out There, Get Yours,” and the headline, “TAX TIME IS HERE! Plus The Stimulus and Added Unemployment, Get Your Share.”  The email was from an offshoring recruiter claiming it “can help you get your share of the government funds by providing you remote staff in Jamaica, El Salvador, Panama and Guatemala for just $8 per hour.  Or Philippines or Pakistan for just $5 per hour.”  The message was unmistakable – hire the recruiter to retain offshore workers for low hourly wages in order to receive tax and other monetary benefits from our own government.

Is economic patriotism dead?  Is there no desire, much less duty, to fill available jobs with unemployed American workers?  It sure seems that way when I receive solicitations like this.


Lauren Irwin-Szostak is the President of Business Processes Redefined, LLC, a call center solutions management firm headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey which is certified as a woman-owned business enterprise by both the New Jersey Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (NJWBE) and the Woman’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).



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