Financial Institutions Inundated With Call Overflow

Financial Institutions Inundated With Call Overflow

Financial Institutions Inundated With Call Overflow Business Processes Redefined LLC

                The April 1, 2020 online edition of the Charlotte Observer features an article that begins by noting that “bank call centers are swarmed with thousands of requests to delay mortgage payments, get fee waivers and help people sort out the biggest economic dislocation in recent memory,” thereby creating “call volume at record highs and waits stretching into the hours” and a “crisis [] testing every bank’s customer service.”

According to the article, some financial institutions have responded by increasing their employees’ compensation to induce them to report to internal call centers which may be unsafe due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  For example, “Wells Fargo has started to pay some ‘front-line’ workers that have to be in the office an extra $200 every other week,” while “[a]t Bank America, call center workers are getting double overtime during the pandemic.”

Other financial institutions have attempted to enable its customer support staff to work remotely, but such efforts are both costly and time consuming.  The article quotes one bank executive as saying that “[i]t could cost between $3,000 to $5,000 to convert a call center worker to work-from-home,” and “[e]ven then, the process would still take weeks.”

There is a better way.  A nationwide call center outsourcing management firm and a certified woman-owned business enterprise, BPR is expanding its network of U.S.-based call centers in light of increased demands from companies inundated with significantly higher call volumes during the Coronavirus crisis.  On March 31, 2020, BPR announced plans to add three to five new call centers in the United States while expanding its existing U.S.-based call centers by adding additional representatives.

BPR is ready, willing and able to handle your business’s customer support communication needs.         

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