Call Center Solutions - Business Processes Redefined LLC


BPR offers an array of call center services that will help you reduce costs, streamline workflow, and promote business continuity. Our network of domestic call centers and dedicated, highly trained specialists will apply their expertise to your needs, enabling you to focus on your core business.

First-party customer service

BPR’s network of U.S.-based call centers handles inbound and outbound customer support and other communication needs for businesses of all types and sizes. Our highly trained specialists will help you increase business continuity and accurately represent your company brand.

Our fast implementation and detailed reporting will allow you to employ our domestic call centers immediately with confidence. We will manage your communication needs and treat your customers with professionalism and sensitivity.

call center overflow solutions

BPR will enable your business to eliminate busy signals, long hold times, and customer displeasure. Our network of U.S.-based call centers has the size and capacity to lend immediate turnkey support for your call handling needs, no matter the volume. We offer fast implementation and can accommodate tailored programs specific to your business model by understanding your customers’ needs and improving your communications with them.

First-Party Cure (Currently Paying) Customer Solutions

BPR’s call center network will help your business maintain and protect its current payer base, keeping your revenue flowing while making your customers feel valued and supported. We will manage your reminder calls and ensure that your performing accounts do not fall into collection, reducing your percentage of sluggish payers and customers who occasionally neglect to remit prompt payment.


Introduce consistency and control by utilizing BPR’s inbound and/or outbound customer service solutions. Our network of call center professionals can manage high call volume and address rising customer support demands, increasing productivity for your business without the hassle of additional employee hiring or training.

We will save you time, money and resources, while accurately representing your brand name and ensuring your customers enjoy a positive customer service experience.