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Our Mission

A recognized leader in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry, BPR believes in consistently contributing value to its relationships with its corporate clientele. We provide our clients with full transparency into key performance metrics while protecting their brands and maintaining good relationships with their customers.

Call Center Network

BPR’s call center partners are all based in the United States and are best in class. Our network adds value to our clients’ inbound and outbound
customer support services through exceptional performance. The size and diversity of call centers enables us to service companies in diverse industries and with different needs. We provide immediate solutions to all customer service needs, regardless of volume or intricacy.

All our call center partners employ highly trained customer service specialists. They are skilled communications professionals who know how to speak clearly, concisely, and informatively, while displaying the understanding and empathy appreciated by customers who often display frustration or confusion. They are familiar with our clients’ industries and the concerns of both their operations and their clientele. And they are knowledgeable as to applicable compliance requirements, thereby minimizing the risk of future problems.

Perhaps most importantly, all our call center partners are based in the United States. We do not outsource our clients’ customer support and communication needs to foreign countries, thereby eliminating the risk of language barriers, comprehension problems, and cultural differences which can breed customer dissatisfaction. Our communication specialists are based, trained and supervised in the United States.

Call center management offering maximum seating capacity

Business Model

BPR begins its client relationships by performing a detailed analysis of its clients’ portfolios and segmenting their receivables into groups based on age, balance, business viability, and other criteria. We then assign each group of receivables to agencies within our network which have expertise in your specific industry. Our agencies specialize in different areas, and we match their specialties with our clients’ portfolios. Such initial, targeted collection efforts expedite and maximize recoveries. Any remaining accounts are placed with second-tier agencies.


BPR’s agency partners are best in class. Our receivable management agencies maximize our clients’ recoveries on their past-due receivables. Our call centers add value to our clients’ inbound and outbound customer support services through exceptional performance.

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