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Additional Services

Beyond its networks of U.S.-based call centers and receivables management firms, BPR offers a full array of turnkey services to assist its clients.


Turnkey services

  • Revenue Cycle Management Consulting Services
    BPR offers complete revenue cycle management services, overseeing receivables from creation through recovery for businesses of all sizes.
    While continuing to service our clients’ consumer debt needs, we are increasingly focused on handling commercial, business-to-business accounts, both before and after default, to ensure prompt recoveries and eliminate the delay and expense of post-default recovery efforts.
    We manage our clients’ commercial receivables from inception, supervising payment trends before they default. For commercial receivables which do become delinquent, we manage the recovery process
  • Marketing Programs
    BPR will prepare and implement customized, end-to-end marketing programs to be implemented by its highly trained call center professionals. We provide full-service marketing and customized call-center teams designed to meet our clients’ needs. We offer precise and concise program strategies tailored specifically to your business and industry.
  • Customer Retention
    BPR develops and implements customer retention programs designed to retain and expand existing relationships and to increase per-customer profits. We create programs designed to maximize save percentages through personalized conversations featuring meaningful dialogue aimed at solving customer problems, as well as sales scripts focused not on pressuring purchasers but promoting your brand. And because we record ALL calls, we immediately and effectively supervise our agents and use the recordings to coach and improve their performance.
  • Member Services
    BPR will serve as your multichannel customer service center, providing innovative solutions and customized new and existing member support to increase and retain your membership. We will develop customized strategies to improve your customer retention and satisfaction performance while reducing costs. Additionally, we will customize survey calls to inform you why a member enrolled or dis-enrolled, what benefits are more and less desirable and how satisfied members are with your plan. Our professionals will design and administer your surveys for optimal feedback.
  • Mass Mailings via Qualified Letter Vendors
    BPR has longstanding relationships with first-in-class letter vendors who can generate and deliver extraordinarily high volumes of correspondence. Whatever the size or type of your correspondence needs, we deliver immediate, customized results.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
    In addition to customer surveys, BPR designs employee surveys which provide its clients with insights needed to improve their businesses in real time. We can survey all your employees quickly and efficiently, providing feedback in days, not months. And our feedback will inform your managers how to respond and generate real improvements. We can help everyone in your organization reach their full potential by empowering you to plan, track and measure the effectiveness of your employee structure and engagement programs.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    BPR fashions detailed surveys which provide its clients with critical feedback from their customers. Customers do not merely purchase products and services. They are also the best sources to learn what your business does well, what it must improve, and what it needs to develop to remain competitive. We have the experience and expertise to create customer satisfaction surveys that provide such important information to our clients.
  • SMS Text Messaging
    BPR provides its clients with comprehensive SMS text messaging services, which are used by an estimated 5 billion people worldwide. These essential services offer a simple, fast and inexpensive technology to deliver your message to customers and others, instantly and efficiently. Any type of business or organization can use SMS texting in any number of ways, such as on-location marketing to gain repeat customers by enticing them to send text messages to pre-selected numbers. The message goes directly to our system, capturing the customer’s phone number and enabling us to send them your information and promotional materials.

Industries served

BPR handles all types of business, consumer and constituent contacts, including inbound and outbound telephone calls and text messages, market surveys, product recalls, credit card acquisitions and loyalty/enhancement campaigns, product and political opinion polling, and catalog and online retail programs. Among the numerous industries we service are:
  • Commercial and Consumer Credit Grantors

  • Energy

  • Government

  • Medical

  • Non-Profits

  • Political

  • Retail